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For BreeLayne's Spring collection, she derived her inspiration from the silhouettes of both the 1930's and the 1940's.  The collection tells a story of a woman who is bold, yet refined, similar to the transition from the repression of the 1930's to the post-war/depression era.  BreeLayne wanted to encapsulate the nuanced woman who is elegant and timeless.  Each design graces the woman's body in luxurious variations of silk: from twills, to chiffons to double-face charmeuse.  The movement of the fabrics played an instrumental role in illustrating the softness of a woman, the delicacy of the era and the importance of self-empowerment.  BreeLayne used monochromatic tones to represent the subdued voice of the women of the era, while also giving women the opportunity to voice their individualism through classic glamour. 

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