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Sustainable Luxury

BreeLayne™ is the world's first brand dedicated exclusively to Sustainable Luxury. To us, sustainability means harmony.

A sustainable process is any process that can be repeated endlessly without sacrificing the harmony of the whole for the benefit of a few. It means respecting every part of the whole. Some brands call themselves sustainable because they ensure humane conditions for their employees, while others use it to imply that they don't pollute the environment. Very few can say they do both.

At BreeLayne™, we believe that sustainability must involve creating harmony for both humanity and nature. That is why every BreeLayne™ product is made from dead stock or pre-existing materials. We work with what exists to create something beautiful. No textile manufacturing means no textile pollution. We also plant a tree for every purchase you make in association with the National Forest Foundation.

We believe in being not only impact-neutral, but actually a positive impact to offset our impact on the planet. And of course, our packaging is made from recycled sources and dyed with eco-friendly dyes. We also group our weekly order shipments together to minimize our (and your) carbon footprint, and we collaborate with local artisans and hand-make everything in downtown LA -- paying fair wages to everyone involved.

We create at a scale and quantity that is exactly proportional to demand, to minimize waste and maximize the artistic value of each and every piece.
These values are important to us and we hope they mean something to you, too.